Programmable Twitter client, day 2

Much discussion about the programmable Twitter client concept thanks to a link from Gruber. He may be a Yankees fan (boo) but he has a good eye for interesting tech stufff. And the man is a flow machine. :-)

Loic LeMeur of Seesmic says he had the idea first, but perhaps there was a misunderstanding. I want programming language built into Twitter clients to enable end-user scripting. I think Loic is talking about support for plugins. A different idea. Scripting enables a much wider group of people to customize their use of Twitter. Plugins are more heavyweight and writing and debugging a plugin is a much more serious undertaking that writing a script or macro.

Meanwhile Chuck Shotton has a great idea which works really well with the idea of the programmable client — a proxy server that talks to Twitter on your behalf. I love this idea. Many interesting possibilities.


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    I get this now. It’s not a way to extend Twitter, but a way to program on top of it. Very cool Dave! Before there was...
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